Alternative Proteins and Cultured Meat

Feb 1, 2022
Alternative Proteins and Cultured Meat

Alternative Proteins and Cultured Meat

ZETA has many years of process experience and in-depth product know-how for the biotech and food industry. The specialist for aseptic production processes also keeps a close eye on **current trends. **Find out in this ZETA webinar how your company can benefit from our scale-up know-how for the fermentation processes of alternative proteins and cultured meat.

Forward-looking technologies for sustainable nutrition
Fermented proteins and cultured meat are on everyone’s lips - but so far only in a figurative sense. However, it is only a matter of time before the meat from “Cellular Agricultrue” lands on our plates as a sustainable and animal-friendly alternative.

Breaking new ground together with ZETA
Before it is ready for the market, there are still a few hurdles to overcome, especially with regard to scalability, costs and regulatory approvals.

The central question of the webinar is: How is an efficient scale up from laboratory to industrial production possible?
The answer: With ZETA, a partner with industrial experience who can support you in scaling up these processes in a variety of ways!

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