Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon Pitch Day

Feb 12, 2022
Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon Pitch Day

Get immersed in the Cultivated Food, Cell Ag, Precision Fermentation Industry!

About this event

**This event is for those interested in viewing the final hackathon presentations, as well as those already registered to participate in the hackathon. Registering here does not enroll participants in the hackathon challenge.***

Location: Virtual, Hopin Platform

Cultivate Tomorrow is the first US hackathon focused solely on cellular agriculture and cell cultured food. This hackathon will work to lower the barrier to enter the cell cultured food industry for STEM and non-STEM individuals. We will create a large network and community of diverse individuals with different backgrounds, skills, and interests. Together we will brainstorm, innovate, and re-imagine the future of food.

This event is open to all undergraduate and graduate students across the US who are interested in becoming more immersed in this field, as well as anyone related to the food and agriculture technology industry or biotech and food tech research. We believe that only through cross-collaboration will this industry succeed in redefining the food system and allocation of our planet's natural resources.

Our teams will be working on one of our three hackathon tracks and submit their final proposals by February 1st. This event will conclude the hackathon with keynote speakers, panel discussions, student presentation booths, networking events, and final awards!

We will have three unique panel discussions and presentations with experts and innovators in these fields:

  1. Panel: What to know about starting your own cultivated food company?
  2. Panel: The Ethics of Cultivated Food
  3. Lightning Presentations: Even Newer Food Tech!

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