Cultivated Meat and Alternative Protein Summit

Sep 11, 2023
Davis, United States
Cultivated Meat and Alternative Protein Summit

Join us at the University of California, Davis on September 11th, 2023 for a gathering of forward thinking academia, industry leaders, and policymakers working to navigate the hurdles for cultivated meat and alternative protein commercialization in the US and abroad.

This year’s Summit will include:

  • Keynote Speaker Congressman Ami Bera sharing why Cultivated Meat and Alternative Protein is important to California, US, and World
  • Research Bottlenecks for Alt Protein Commercialization for Plant based, Fungal and Cultivated Meat
  • Regulatory Approval:  How can recent successes be continued? 
  • Workforce Training from Production through Point of Purchase 
  • Understanding the Challenges of Consumer Acceptance and Preference
  • Building Regional Capacity in Alt Protein Research and Production

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