Developing a bioprocess for the scalable production of cultivated meat

Nov 18, 2020
Developing a bioprocess for the scalable production of cultivated meat

How close are we to the scalable production of cultivated meat? We know stem cells are a suitable cell source for developing cultivated meat because they have the ability to differentiate into all requisite cell types. In order to utilize stem cells at-scale, the first step in the production process we need to optimize is the expansion of stem cells prior to their differentiation. Join GFI grantee Dr. Petra Hanga from Aston University to learn about her recent research advancements in developing bioprocess at the litre scale for the expansion of bovine adipose-derived stem cells. Additionally, Dr. Hanga will discuss clever strategies for the differentiation of these cells to fat and muscle and the adaptability of these methods to a scalable process.

Meet the speaker: Dr. Mariana Petronela (Petra) Hanga is a Lecturer in Biological Engineering at Aston University and a GFI grantee. As a biochemical engineer by training, Dr. Hanga’s research interests lie at the intersection of engineering and the life sciences. Her research addresses two distinct grand challenges. The first is healthcare, by developing future therapies that will minimize the economic and social burden of an aging population; the second is food and nutrition for health, by advancing cultivated meat technologies that will enable a radical shift away from livestock products. Dr. Hanga’s multidisciplinary strengths and expertise include an understanding of the whole cell culture bioprocess from inoculation to harvest, including engineering characterization of bioreactors and biological characterization of cells. She holds degrees in biochemical engineering and regenerative medicine.

Time: Nov 18, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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