Kind Earth Tech

Nov 20, 2020
Kind Earth Tech

Why attend KET’s virtual event on kind earth tech and future food?!

  • Get the latest news from our trailblazing foodtech innovators in Europe, America, and Asia
  • Hear and discuss the findings of the first-of-its-kind research into cell-based food as an opportunity for farmers
  • Meet pitching start-ups
  • Explore the foodtech maps with KET cofounder Olivia Fox Cabane
  • Convert a farm with KET cofounder Ira Van Eelen
  • Read with our book club
  • Live kind with the KETcast hosted by Emma Osborne
  • Ask your questions & get answers
  • Follow KET around the world in a day
  • Be educated by our cohort of young geniuses
  • And more!

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