Using tissue engineering to grow cultivated meat

Jun 24, 2020
Using tissue engineering to grow cultivated meat

To grow foods of the future using tissue engineering, we need to consider a systems approach, where cells, matrices, and cofactors are integrated to achieve a useful output – something edible that will taste good, feel good, be nutritious, and stay within economic considerations. The Kaplan Lab works actively to translate what they've learned from the biomedical field in growing human tissues to developed food from animal cells. Issues that remain key challenges in this process include the cell sources to use, the biomaterial matrices to house the cells, and the bioreactor environment. Join Dr. David Kaplan, Distinguished Professor at Tufts University, as he discusses the context of the underlying science and needs in the cellular agriculture field, takes us on a technical deep-dive into his group's research, and identifies gaps to be filled by other scientists.

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