Protein Report's RSS feeds are provided as a free tool to help expand easy access to information about protein. Here are just a few possible ways they can be used:

  • Track updates with an RSS feed reader
  • Automatically publish news updates on a website
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Feed content is continuously updated and carefully selected by our editors.

Need a custom RSS feed? Protein Report can setup and maintain a feed for your specific use case. Custom feeds provide links directly to original source articles, and target specific proteins, products, topics, regions, and content flags such as funding or new product announcements. Custom feeds are offered as a paid service. Contact us for details.

All proceeds directly support our work advancing protein literacy for safer, more sustainable food systems.

Top Feeds

Feeds by Protein

  • Cell-Based

    All news on cell-based meat, dairy, and cellular agriculture

  • Plant-Based

    All news on plant-based foods, beverages, and ingredients

  • Microbial

    All news on microbial protein and precision fermentation

  • Fungi

    All news on fungi-based protein foods and technologies

  • Algae

    Algae-based protein food and technology news

  • Insect

    Insect protein news

  • Animal

    News about animal-based foods in protein supply chains

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