Head of Biotech Laboratory

Posted: July 29, 2020

VIVAX BIO, LLC, based in New York, NY, and its Moscow, Russia, R&D subsidiary, 3D Bioprinting Solutions, focus on 3D bioprinting and work on the whole range of the hardware, materials, technologies, and products comprising the 3D bioprinting industry. We are opening a new lab in New York and adapt our existing platform technologies for cellular agriculture applications focusing primarily on cell-based cultured meat/fish project.

We are looking for a Head of Biotech Laboratory who will lead these efforts at our new lab.

[Job type]: Full-time position.

[Location]: New York, NY.

[Qualifications & experience]:

Key requirements:

- Experience with 3D cell culture 

- Scale growth and production of established cell lines to manufacturing levels

- Knowledge of bioreactor technology

- Academic background in Cell Biology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Bioengineering or related field with 2+ years of work experience

- Experience managing 3+ scientists

- Experience with biomaterials fabrication and characterization

Additional qualifications & experience:

- Experience with food technology is a plus

- Experience with additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing)

- Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills

- Goal orientated, motivated, and able to work independently

- Strong planning and execution skills.

- Strong written and oral communication skills.

- Ability to accurately document, critically analyze/interpret data and communicate the results promptly.


Please note: Work visa sponsorship will not be provided.

How to apply

[Please contact:] Anton Elemoso at ae@vivaxbio.com

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