Posted: March 11, 2020

Do you want to be part of an exciting company dedicated to solving the greatest challenge humanity faces? Then Impossible Foods is the place for you. Impossible Foods was founded in 2011 to create a truly sustainable global food system by inventing an efficient, sustainable way to transform plants into irresistibly delicious, nutritious food -- food that delivers all the pleasures and nutritional benefits consumers demand, without the destructive environmental impact. Our first product, the Impossible Burger, was introduced by top chefs to the world and is currently available at over 16,000 restaurants across the United States and abroad.

You Will

  • Apply analytical chemistry to lipid research as part of larger R&D team to develop plant based alternatives to meat products.
  • Execute and develop experimental plans and SOPs.
  • Manage sample submission log, keep records of submitted samples, and deliver updates and results in timely manner.
  • Perform accurate pipetting, aliquoting, and weighting and prepare buffers, analytical standards, and calibrations in a consistent and reproducible manner.
  • Prepare lipid samples from small to large scale (1 mg to 1 kg) for analytical and sensory tests.
  • Analyze samples using UV/vis, TLC, GC, GC/MS and LC/MS and assist in sensory tastings.
  • Perform data analysis, review the data, develop recommendations and plans for future experiments and summarise data in organized written and/or oral reports.
  • Maintain a clean, sanitary, organized and safe workplace.
  • Be a champion for rigorous science, and proactively educate and learn from others.

You Have

  • BS degree with 5+ years of experience or MS degree with 2+ years of experience in lipid analysis and lipid chemistry.
  • Fundamental knowledge of lipid chemistry  that includes chemical structure, reactivity, solubility, stability of lipids.
  • Experience with sample preparation that includes homogenization, hydrolysis, solvent extraction, and SPE as well as experience with lab safety handling solvents and sample prep equipment.
  • Experience with GC analysis of fatty acids (AOAC 996); LC/MS lipidomics experience is desired.
  • Experience with chromatographic peak integration identification and confirmation, calibration, and use of internal standards and QC.
  • Experience with determining and reporting accuracy and precision of measurements and preparing final data reports.
  • Experience with analytical method troubleshooting, development and validation.
  • Experience with multivariate statistics in lipidomics data analysis workflows is a plus.
  • Attention to details that includes rigorous review of the data and recording complete and accurate information into lab notebook.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • A hard-working, independent, proactive, and self-driven personality.

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