108labs Building World’s First Cell-Cultured Human Milk Factory in Hillsborough, NC

June 21, 2021 - 2 min read

From left, Shayne Giuliano, CEO and Emma Skoog, PhD, Cell Biologist. 108Labs. From left, Shayne Giuliano, CEO and Emma Skoog, PhD, Cell Biologist. 108Labs.

108Labs is building Earth’s first autonomous Cellufacturing® facility to enable continuously scalable, cost-effective, automated food-scale production of cell-cultured human milk

Hillsborough, NC — Eighteen months after creating the world’s first cell cultured human milk, 108Labs is now focused on accelerating the field from lab to factory by building and programming the world’s first autonomous Cellufacturing® facility and artificial intelligence platform for production of cell cultured human milk in the birthplace of biosynthetic human milk, Hillsborough, North Carolina.

With an autonomous factory design that turns raw medium ingredients and validated cell lines into sterile packaged cell cultured human milk products like Colostrupedics™ whole-human infant formula, the 108Labs' autonomous factory design will create and merge state-of-the-art methods in artificial intelligence, cellular agriculture, automated factory systems, modular biomanufacturing, automated bioprocessing, and sterile packaging, all driven by 108Labs’ smart Cellufacturing® software platform.

108Labs’ first milk Cellufacturing® plant will autonomously grow artificial mammary glands, continuously prepare medium and growth factors, maintain and harvest milk bioreactors, and bioprocess and package human milk products within a closed system for pathogen-free production and sterile delivery from bioreactor to mouth.

“We are engineering the world’s largest mammary cell farm inside the smartest cellular agriculture factory, utilizing innovative engineering and artificial intelligence with continuous monitoring to autonomously produce cell cultured human milk derived nutraceuticals and therapeutics at commodity cost and food scale,” said Shayne Giuliano, CEO of 108Labs.

With front-to-end Cellufacturing® automation, the 108Labs autonomous milk factory will reduce production costs beyond 99% per ounce compared to lab grown milk to accelerate the field from lab to factory by achieving cost parity and production scale comparable to animal-derived milk.

Upon completion of 108Labs first pilot milk factory, 108Labs plans to scale with global open innovation partners to build autonomous milk Cellufacturing® facilities around the world to feed newborns Colostrupedics™ whole-human infant formula and replace animal-derived milk products. 108Labs also plans to build an autonomous human milk Cellufacturing® facility on Mars.

About 108Labs

108Labs is a biotechnology and software company founded in Research Triangle Park in 2013 with a mission to invent disruptive cellular agriculture projects, and 108Labs has successfully pioneered the development of cell cultured human milk and human milk antibodies. 108Labs is now building the world’s first autonomous cell cultured milk and milk antibody factory in Hillsborough, North Carolina to produce Colostrupedics™ whole-human infant formula with state-of-the-art biotechnology and artificial intelligence to fulfill 108Labs’ dream to feed, build, and heal the world with Cellufacturing® innovations.

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