China Alternative Protein News Media Platform,, Launched by Lever China

August 18, 2021 - 3 min read

Shanghai – Lever China, a Shanghai-based consultancy specializing in the alternative protein sector, announced today the launch of a new media platform covering China’s growing alternative protein industry, . The news portal provides comprehensive coverage for industry players, investors and consumers to facilitate the flow of information and accelerate the growth of the alternative protein industry in China.

Lever China’s news platform launched with more than 450 news articles on the alternative protein industry, including plant-based, cultivated, and fermented protein products and companies. The majority of the news coverage (over 80%) is China-focused, with additional content on the latest industry developments around the globe. The platform covers new protein brands and products; product launches into foodservice and retail outlets; investment and financing events; recent research into the health of plant-based proteins; and industry research reports and analysis.

For the past 18 months, Lever China has regularly published similar content on its WeChat official account, "力矩Lever," which has 50,000 subscribers and has become the go-to news source on WeChat for China alternative protein industry news. The newly launched will complement Lever China’s WeChat official account to present valuable industry news content to a broader audience online.

Shanghai-based Lever China works to advance innovation and entrepreneurship in China’s alternative protein industry through offering consulting, technical support, and other resources to food companies, investors and entrepreneurs. Lever China is also one of the most active investors in the alternative protein industry in China, with investments in eight leading plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation alternative protein startups:  HEROTEIN, HaoFood, Avant Meats, CellX, New Singularity, Blue Canopy, iDAMA and Meat Fresh.

Cecilia Zhao, Alternative Protein Program Manager at Lever China, noted: “We have launched the news platform to serve as the leading source of timely and credible industry news on the alternative protein sector in China. The site aims to provide valuable and comprehensive information for domestic food companies, investors and entrepreneurs, and also serve as a window for international readers looking to learn more about the booming alternative protein market in China.”

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WeChat Official Account:力矩Lever 

About Lever China

Lever China is a Shanghai-based consultancy that focuses on early-stage investment and consultancy services in the new protein industry, covering plant-based, cultivated and fermented animal proteins. Lever China was awarded as a winner of the Top 20 Innovation Fund Award and the 2020 International Future Agri-Food Top 100, and highlighted as one of the top 7 Chinese Food & CPG Investment Institutions to watch by FoodPlusHub, for its work and investments in the alternative protein sector in China. Lever China aims to advance innovation in the alternative protein industry in China by supporting startups, investors and food companies.

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