Mewery Powers Up with Czech Government Support

January 26, 2024 - 2 min read

Brno, Czech Republic – January 26, 2024 – Mewery, a Czech startup pioneering the development of cultivated meat using a groundbreaking bio-hybrid culture system, announced that it had received nearly 200k€ grant from the Czech government via the CzechInvest (Government Business and Investment Development Agency) Technological Incubator. This funding will enable Mewery to conduct selected comprehensive studies on the process of their cultivated meat production and prepare for a bigger scale-up. It represents non-dilutive support and complements the primary funding Mewery has received from angel investors and venture capital funds.

“The CzechInvest ’s investment is a significant endorsement of Mewery’s innovative approach to cultivated meat,” said Roman Lauš, Founder and CEO of Mewery. “With this funding, we can gain valuable insights into the production process, enabling us to optimize our cultivation methods.”

The grant will be used to characterize parts of the bioprocess. This will involve basic characterization, metabolomics, and transcriptomics approaches for the analysis of the growth of cells and their interactions.

“This knowledge will be essential for designing a near-future scalable production process that is efficient, cost-effective, and meets the highest quality standards,” explained Lauš.

The funding will also allow Mewery to gather a partial set of data needed to obtain authorities’ safety approval in the future. This includes data on the nutritional composition of the biomass, as well as data on individual components of the production.

“We are grateful to the CzechInvest for their support,” said Lauš. “With their backing, we are confident that Mewery can make significant contributions to the cultivated meat industry and provide consumers with a sustainable, ethical, and healthier alternative to conventional pork and beyond.”

About Mewery

Mewery is a Czech startup developing cultivated meat using a unique bio-hybrid culture system. The company’s mission is to create a sustainable and ethical source of meat that is healthier for both people and the planet. Mewery is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic.

About CzechInvest

CzechInvest plays a key role in the area of supporting business and investments in its comprehensive form. The agency’s unique combination of regional, central and international operations ensures the integrity of services and the ability to connect global trends with regional conditions in the Czech Republic. One of CzechInvest’s main objectives is transformation of the Czech Republic into an innovation leader of Europe. Established in 1992, CzechInvest is a state contributory organization subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

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