Orbillion Bio Joins AMPS Innovation

June 15, 2021 - 2 min read

“The potential of cell-cultured meat is only potential until eaters choose it again and again and again,” Orbillion Co-Founder and CEO, Patricia Bubner recently stated.

As we look toward regulatory approval of cell cultured meat in the United States, we’re working back from our goal of more flavorful and sustainable meat that is accessible to all. To make this vision of better food a reality, consumers must decide to try, buy and eat it.

Getting there requires safe products and a transparent industry that consumers trust and feel good about. That’s why, today, we’re proud to announce that we’re joining AMPS Innovation. As a member of the coalition, we’re thrilled to work with industry partners to educate industry stakeholders and to inform a clear and trusted path to market.

More, we’re thrilled to bring consumer voices to the table.

“We know that consumer demand for more flavorful and sustainable meats is soaring. In joining AMPS Innovation and through our recent product presentations, Orbillion is moving quickly to respond to this consumer demand.” shared Orbillion Co-Founder and COO, Samet Yildirim.

At Orbillion, we believe consumer engagement is a two-way communication, that it’s not solely about educating, but about listening to what consumers want, integrating their feedback, and creating future-fit foods that reflect their priorities. We see our role as a true champion of consumers as we work with other leading companies to bring trusted and delicious cell-cultured meat to market.

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