Synonym Enables Companies to Accelerate Bioproduct Adoption with Introduction of Life Cycle Assessments in Scaler Platform

December 6, 2023 - 4 min read

Synonym Enables Companies to Accelerate Bioproduct Adoption with Introduction of Life Cycle Assessments in Scaler Platform
  • With nearly 1,000 users and 2,500+ models run since its launch in Summer 2023, Synonym’s Scaler platform has cemented itself as the industry leading techno-economic modeling tool for the bioeconomy
  • Today, Synonym announced it is adding Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) capabilities to Scaler, augmenting the tool’s already strong customized techno-economic report output to enable users to better understand and optimize bioproduct carbon footprint
  • LCA is an all-encompassing approach to assess a product’s environmental impact and offers invaluable insights on sustainability to help steer companies towards business decisions that lead to a greener future
  • The Scaler LCA is different from other LCAs because it’s purpose-built for bioproducts; meaning it calculates carbon intensity based on fermentation-focused inputs (such as titer, yield, etc.) with which users will typically be familiar and have on hand; other, more generic LCAs require users to (pay consultants to) calculate a mass and energy balance, which then generates the carbon intensity calculations of the LCA
  • As COP 28 concludes this week, Synonym believes that the rapid adoption of bioproducts will be an essential part of our decarbonized future
  • As the regulatory framework around Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions solidifies globally – such as with the recent passage of SB253 in California – companies will be increasingly called to account for their supply chain emissions
  • In innumerable products and categories, bioproducts represent the most functional, effective, and responsible path for future product development

New York, NY - 6th December 2023 - Synonym, the data-driven infrastructure development, and management platform for the bioeconomy, today announces the integration of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) calculations into its next-gen techno-economic calculator, Scaler. Launched in the summer of 2023, Scaler has quickly become the bioeconomy’s go-to techno-economic analysis calculator for fermentation. With as few as ten technical and commercial metrics from a user, the tool provides a comprehensive and free customized techno-economic analysis for their bioprocess within seconds.

The new LCA feature within Scaler provides further insights, helping users strengthen their approach to sustainability by calculating the cradle-to-gate carbon intensity of the bio-products they are producing. The Scaler LCA calculations include crucial figures such as Carbon Emissions per KG of product produced and a detailed breakdown of the source of these emissions, including feedstock, electricity, natural gas, and more.

Key features of the new LCA metrics in Scaler include:

  1. Cradle-to-Gate Carbon Intensity Calculation: The LCA feature assesses the carbon intensity of products from the initial production stages to the point of leaving the manufacturing facility, offering insights into the environmental impact of the entire process.
  2. Emission Source Breakdown: Users gain a comprehensive understanding of the sources of emissions, with a detailed breakdown that includes feedstock, electricity, natural gas, and other contributing factors. This empowers businesses to target specific areas for improvement.
  3. Improvement Strategies: The LCA feature goes beyond analysis by providing users with practical improvement strategies to lower the carbon intensity of their products. Strategies include the use of lower carbon feedstocks, adoption of renewable energy, and utilization of biogas, among others.
  4. Economic and Mass Attribution: Scaler’s LCA feature includes economic and mass attribution of a user’s process to their fermentation product and waste biomass.
  5. Comprehensive Sustainability Roadmap: LCAs are an essential part of creating a comprehensive sustainability roadmap. By leveraging the insights provided by the LCA feature in Scaler, businesses can make informed decisions to minimize their environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Brentan Alexander, Chief Investment Officer at Synonym, commented: “We are excited to introduce these new, robust LCA capabilities to Scaler. The addition of LCA calculations not only enhances the value of Scaler but also equips our users with the tools they need to make environmentally conscious business decisions and drive positive change in their industries. We are committed to advancing the bioeconomy and its inherent sustainability, and believe this new LCA feature is a big step forward in helping all stakeholders – from fermentation startups to Fortune 500 corporations – understand the environmental impact of their products and supply chains.”

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About Synonym:

Based in New York City, Synonym ( designs, develops, finances and manages productized biomanufacturing facilities to advance the global bioeconomy. Synonym has built a set of design and engineering standards that allow for more efficient facility construction and operations, the digital infrastructure to make biomanufacturing capacity more accessible and affordable, and an underwriting framework to ensure optimal capital deployment. Synonym’s solutions allow the companies behind next-generation products to expand and scale seamlessly with the most efficient financing and development mechanisms in the market.

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