As an international food tech company, Cubiq Foods combines scientific knowledge and expertise with the latest advances to provide an innovative range of alternative fats. We lead in three distinct processes; a novel oil/water emulsion, Omega-3 micro-encapsulation techniques, and the first cell-culture platform for specialty fats (cell-based Omega-3).

Our solutions for the food industry support the development of high-quality processed food. We achieve this by reducing animal and saturated fats while retaining flavor and texture. We deliver health and nutritional benefits and reduce the calorie content. Our innovative platforms can tune for hardness, texture, and flavor as well as fat content in bespoke product applications.

We produce and sell at scale and license production to select producers worldwide. Everything we do is focused on radically improving sustainability, health and nutritional profile, with affordability in mind. We also prioritize the consumers’ organoleptic experience across as many products as possible.

Andres Montefeltro

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