To deliver a cell-based meat product to the dinner table that looks, feels, and tastes like a steak, scaffolding is needed. Current scaffolding approaches are not scalable, costly, and do not enable the co-culturing of fat and muscle cells necessary to achieve marbling throughout the cultured muscle. Novel Farms, Inc. uses synthetic biology to develop cruelty-free, inexpensive and tunable 3D bioscaffolds for the production of cell-based meat products. Our scaffolding approach not only will improve the structure and marbling of cell-based meat but will also have the potential to reduce manufacturing costs; two of the main roadblocks in the cellular agriculture industry. With this technology, we aim to recreate the taste and texture of the exquisite Jamon Iberico and transform cell-based meat consumption into a sought-after culinary experience for the next generation of conscious eaters.

United States
Nieves Martínez Marshall

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