ProteinDistillery is a food-tech start-up which creates a new generation of clean and sustainable proteins for food companies using microorganisms.

At ProteinDistillery we rethink a healthy and sustainable protein supply. We believe that it takes new technologies and products that enable the transition from linear to circular value chains to preserve our planet. With our innovative process we can purify proteins from residual yeast of the beer brewing process. 

Clean and various. Brewer’s yeast proteins are multiply applicable - from neutral-tasting foam for cappuccino to fibrous structure and spicy umami taste for meat substitutes. And all of that without using artificial additives.

Healthy and sustainable. Proteins from microorganisms are resource-saving and need less water, energy and farmland than other protein sources in the manufacture. They have a great nutrient profile, which makes their quality comparable to egg protein.

With our expertise we help food companies to find a suitable protein source for authentic alternatives to animal products.

Michael Baunach, Tomas Kurz, Marco Ries, Christoph Pitter

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