• Clean meat start-ups are mushrooming, but Japanese citizen-science community Shojinmeat is using an alternative home-based DIY approach to accelerate innovation. “I started this whole thing because of science fiction,” says Dr Yuki Hanyu, co-founder of non-profit cultured-meat collective Shojinmeat. “Cell-based meat happens everywhere in manga and anime sci-fi.

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  • Even as thousands of their employees fell ill with COVID-19, meatpacking executives pressured federal regulators to help keep their plants open, according to a trove of emails obtained by USA TODAY. The emails show how a major meatpacking trade group, the North American Meat Institute, provided the U.S. Department of Agriculture with a draft version of an executive order that would allow plants to remain open. A week later, President Donald Trump signed an order with similar language, which caused confusion over whether local health authorities could close plants due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

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  • If the world is to meet its target of limiting global warming to “well below” 2C, some degree of diet shift will be necessary, scientists say. If it is to strive for the most optimistic target of keeping warming to 1.5C, changes to diet may be even more crucial. In this interactive Q&A, Carbon Brief explores how greenhouse gas emissions from meat, dairy and other diets compare, as well as whether changes to the production and transportation of meat could help to stem its climate impact.

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  • What is the future of food? Looking at what’s on shelves and in freezers during a quick trip to the local grocery store, it’s easy to see that we are quickly moving towards a future of plant-based foods. Jon McIntyre, CEO of Motif FoodWorks, shared his company’s strategy for revolutionizing plant-based foods through microbes and fermentation and his views on the future of food and synthetic biology.

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  • In a time when we’ve experienced an actual pandemic-induced meat shortage along with an executive order aimed at keeping slaughtering plants open, the idea of meat availability playing a role in the election isn’t so far fetched. In fact, it’s happened before. With Mike Pence accusing Kamala Harris of trying to take meat away, Paul Shapiro examines the role of meat shortages in elections.

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