4th Australian Pulse Conference

Mar 21-23, 2023
Toowoomba, Australia
4th Australian Pulse Conference

The first symposium day investigates “Future Food” and will be devoted to developing linkages between agricultural researchers and end-product users such as food manufacturers and international markets. Pulses are uniquely placed to dominate any discussion about protein in a world concerned about sustainability. This “Future Food” focus will be open to single day registrants to encourage broader participation beyond the traditional pulse scientific research community, in particular the domestic food manufacturing industry. There will also be a dedicated sponsorship offering for this day.

The second day will focus on research related to the agricultural side of production.

The field day provides an opportunity to examine Australian field research aimed at pulse production in the northern agricultural regions of Australia.

Please join us on what will be an exciting journey into pulse research and development - pushing improved profitability for growers in a sustainable manner whilst providing healthy options for human consumption - Pulses for people, profit, and the planet.

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