Future Farming Webinar

Aug 29-30, 2021
Future Farming Webinar

Farming is the backbone of every country, and as young scientists, we wish to spread awareness of the advances in this field. In the Future Farming Webinar, our speakers will take you through the journey of how technology/synthetic biology can join hands with farming to feed the growing human population. From intellectual property in agriculture to cellular agriculture we are presenting you the dream speaker line up with great scientists and pioneers of the cellular agriculture field.


Mark Post, Founder of Mosa Meat - creator of first cultured meat burger

Ruth Purcell, Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA)

Ola Thomsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU)

Tomas Linder, Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU)

Sara Petersson, Patent information specialist at Uppsala University

Michael Saad, Researcher at Tufts University

Paul Shapiro, CEO The Better Meat Co.

Irfan Tahir, Research fellow at New Harvest

Abi Aspen Glencross, Co-founder of The Sustainable Food Story

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