Future Food-Tech

Mar 11-12, 2021
Future Food-Tech

Moonshot Solutions for a Food System Under Stress

Our food system is undergoing a revolution. Covid-19 and the threat of climate change are driving unprecedented demand for more efficient, nutritious and sustainable solutions.

Future Food-Tech’s flagship San Francisco summit, hosted virtually, will act as a digital bioreactor – bringing together West Coast innovators, global food brands, ingredient providers and investors to grow ideas from concept to reality.

New formats, from interactive mentoring to Ask Me Anything sessions, will be coupled with fireside chats, panel discussions and a plethora of 1-1 networking opportunities to address the biggest opportunities in the food-tech sector.

The summit will focus on:

  • Food Security and Resilience: Futureproofing Our Supply Chain to Anticipate, Absorb and Recover from External Shocks
  • Bench to Production: Overcoming Scaling Challenges to Bring Novel Proteins to Market
  • The Future of Meat: Are Cell and Plant-Based Hybrids the Future of Meat?
  • Boosting Immunity: Functional Foods to Help Us Live Longer – and Heathier
  • Personalization and Diet: Leveraging Consumer Technology to Address Nutrient Deficiency and Wellness
  • Unpacking the Possibilities: What Materials Hold the Key to a Plastic-Free Future?
  • Human Contact-Less: How are Retailers and Restaurants Responding to the New Normal?
  • Paths to Exit: How Has Coronavirus Impacted Investment Strategies?
  • The Rise of the Rest: Is Silicon Valley Losing its Luster?

Shooting for the Stars: Developing Technologies for Extra-Terrestrial Food Production

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