Global Plant-Based Protein & Nuts Conference

Jun 2-3, 2021
Global Plant-Based Protein & Nuts Conference

Plant-based food products are becoming a key driver of sales growth for grocery retailers nationwide, growing at a rate that is almost double overall food sales. According to SPINS retail sales data released April 6, 2021, grocery sales of plant-based foods that directly replace animal products have grown 27 percent in the past year to $7 billion.  According to the USDA the world trade in nuts is increasing by an average of 7.8% every year. At the same time, the export of nuts annually grows by $2 billion a year and has already reached $34 billion. With sales continuing to grow at more than 17.2% or $760 million per year. 

To help you better understand these complex markets, Mintec is bringing together a range of industry experts from across the plant-based foods and nut value chains to share unique perspectives provide critical essential analysis into:

**•  **the state of the markets

**•  **the possible effect of bottle necks

**•  **raw material price changes & sector growth

**•  **the place of new protein ingredients

**•  **price trends changing buyer behavior

**•  **how COVID is changing the industry

**•  **the specification of new ingredients

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