New Age Eats #1 Online Auction

Apr 11-13, 2023
New Age Eats #1 Online Auction

Silicon Valley Disposition will conducting a Global Online Auction for the assets of New Age Eats in Alameda, CA and Berkeley, CA. The first auction for the assets in Alameda, CA is scheduled for April 11–13, 2023.

New Age Eats #1 features Late-Model Research and Development Biotech instruments: (2) Sartorius Stedim BIOSTAT BDCU 2FL Bioreactor Systems (New-in-Crate), (12) 2022 Applikon Biotechnology my-Control Small Scale (500 ml) Bioreactors, TA Instruments HR20 Hybrid Rheometer System, 2019 Roche Cedex Bio HT Instrument Bioprocess Analyzer, Microscopes, Centrifuges, and much more!

Featured Assets:

  • (2) Sartorius Stedim BIOSTAT BDCU 2FL Bioreactor Systems (New-in-Crate): (6) 2L and (6) 10L Sartorius Stainless Steel Reactors w/ Two control units that can each run 6 vessels and a Tower for each reactor to control the pumps, MFCs
  • TA Instruments HR20 Discovery Series Multi-Purpose Rheometer System
  • (12) 2022 Applikon Biotechnology my-Control Small Scale (500 ml) Bioreactors z310210013: Each have individual control units and a Laptop that controls 6 units
  • 2019 Roche Cedex Bio HT Instrument Bioprocess Analyzer
  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax iD5 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers
  • Butchi Encapsulator Model: B-395 Pro
  • Olympus IX83-CBH Fully-Motorized and Automated Inverted Microscope System
  • Laxco ECO Inverted Microscope Modle: LMI6-PH1
  • Benchmark Hermle Z 446 K Centrifuge
  • Eppendorf 5810 R Centrifuge
  • Invitrogen Automated Cell Counter Model: Countess 3
  • 2021 Hermle Benchmark Z 216 MK Centrifuge
  • Thermo Scientific Multifuge X Pro Series Centrifuge
  • Advanced Instruments Osmotech XT Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer
  • Trio.Bas Microbiological Air Sampler 160100NB
  • Brookfield Ametek DV-1 Viscometer
  • Ross LSK-I High Shear Mixer Model: HSM100LSKI
  • Ohaus Defender™ 3000 Bench Scale
  • Adam Equipment SAB 225i Analytical Balance
  • (2) SCILOGEX D500 Homogenizers
  • (2) Veritas Model: i-Thermo G62L
  • VWR Hotplate/Stirrers
  • (2) IKA C-MAG MS 10 Magnetic Stirrers
  • VWR Model: VWR-8102AC Balance
  • VWR pHenomenal® pH/mV/°C Meter, Bench, pH 1100L/1100LB
  • (2) Accu-Scope EXI-410 Microscopes
  • NucleoCounter NC-200 Automated Cell Counter
  • MasterFlex L/S Pumps
  • Caron Co2 Incubator Model: 7400-25-1 w/ Condensate Recirculator
  • (2) Esco CelCulture Co2 Incubators
  • Esco Ductless Fume Cabinet Ascent Max
  • (3) Esco Airstream
  • (4) Labgard Biio Safety Cabinets Model: NU-540-600
  • Lab-Therm LT-XC Incubator Shaker
  • ULT Lab Freezers
  • 2021 Tuttnauer Autoclave Model: 5596-1V
  • 2021 Getinge Lancer Ultima
  • (2) Tony SX-700 High Pressure Steam Sterilizers
  • Elga Purelab Chorus 100L w/ Pure Flex Complete Water Purification System
  • 2022 Jun-air 40 liter
  • 2020 Being Forced Air Oven BOF-50
  • Makita Quiet Series 60db Compressor
  • Lab Consumables
  • Office and Conference Room Furniture
  • Flammable Storage Cabinets

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