NextGen Proteins Conference

Sep 7-8, 2023
Bremerhaven, Germany
NextGen Proteins Conference

Demand for proteins is increasing for food and feed applications.

To meet the increasing demand, production will have to double by 2050. However, current protein production, both animal- and vegetal based, has severe negative environmental impacts in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, land and water use, as well as biodiversity loss. The EU is not self-sufficient when it comes to protein production and a large proportion of the demand is met with imported proteins with concerns regarding food security and the general competitiveness of the EU.

It is therefore of vital importance to find sustainable alternative protein sources that can be economically produced in quantities that meet growing food and feed sectors.

NextGenProteins invites researchers, farmers, producers and policymakers to join the conversation and contribute to the present and future of the sector.

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