Space for Food - From Vision to Reality

May 4, 2021
Space for Food - From Vision to Reality

If we’re going to create new food systems, they have to improve on what we have and address the challenges we’ll likely face. Trends point to rising challenges and emerging opportunities - what’s a pipe dream vs what’s attainable?

At Space for Food, we'll dive into alternative proteins, circular food/bio economies, controlled environment ag, microbial ag and systems, and the enabling tech and systems to make it all possible.

  • 9-9:45am - [Pre-Session Thoughtstarters]{.underline}: Get your creative juices flowing in discussions on key topics in space, food, and ag.
  • 9:45-10:30am - [Discussion: Promise vs Hype in Future Food Systems]{.underline}: join experts from agtech, foodtech, spacetech, and circular economy tech as we discuss how designing systems for feeding humans as they travel to other planets can help us solve food access, security, equity, and sustainability here on Earth.
  • 10:30-11:15am - [Post-Session Idea Expo:]{.underline} meet and mingle with startups, researchers, early adopters, and resource partners in all the above areas.

*All times Central US Time

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