ThinkTech! - Alternative Proteins

Dec 8-9, 2021
ThinkTech! - Alternative Proteins

The ThinkTech! educational programme will enable you to develop skills related to novel food processing technologies focusing on technical aspects, as well as the related soft skills.

Thus, your critical thinking on the development of sustainable food technology solutions will be enhanced, so that you are able to appraise unintended consequences like product performance or sustainability implications.

Our mission is to give you detailed theoretical and practical knowledge about several technologies and skills:

Approaches for protein fractionation from plant and microbial sources (EMF = electro-membrane filtration, PLE = Pressurized Liquid Extraction, PCT = Pressure Change Technology)
Extrusion technology for processing of alternative proteins
Inspection of sustainability aspects of the production and advanced technologies

Career Opportunities
Get experiences in the knowledge of new technologies and the processing of alternative proteins. This may help to step into new workplaces.

Duration & Dates
This course will take place on December 8th and 9th of 2021.

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