Biotech company Kynda introduces zero-waste mycelium-based food solutions to European market, starts with Germany product launch

March 8, 2024 - 5 min read

  • Launching a new era of sustainable culinary alternatives - free from regulatory constraints
  • Collaboration with leading sustainable food brand The Raging Pig
  • Introduction of new products at leading trade fair Internorga in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany, March 8, 2024 – Kynda, a pioneering B2B biotech company announces the first ever zero-waste mycelium-based food solution to the European market, starting with its launch in Germany. Its new product “Kynda meat”- a next generation burger patty that is highly nutritious and consists of sustainable fermented ingredients- will be unveiled at the leading trade fair ‘Internorga’ in Hamburg.

Launching the first mycelium-products that are animal-free, truly sustainable and zero-waste - free from regulatory constraints

Kynda is launching a new era of sustainable culinary alternatives, offering the first mycelium-products that are truly sustainable and zero-waste, emitting 700% less green-house gas emissions than pea protein. Kynda’s production uses by-products of the food industry and is based on a highly efficient process, with 48 hours of fermentation time compared to an average of 7-10 days for existing best practices.

This innovative, allergen-free and low-fat raw material replaces highly processed, costly, plant protein-based texturates, and is free from regulatory constraints. The result is a low-cost, high-performance ingredient suitable for the second generation of animal-free and hybrid food. With a protein content of 37% in dry matter, encompassing all nine essential amino acids, and rich in high-quality fiber and vitamins, Kynda’s mycelium ingredients stand as a compelling substitute for meat and plant-based options, delivering both nutrition and taste.

Mycelium, the root structure of fungi, has emerged as a transformative force across various industries due to its versatility, sustainability, and nutritional benefits. Leveraging its proprietary technology, Kynda helps its customers to harness the power of mycelium to craft a range of innovative products that are not only environmentally friendly but also nutritious and delicious.

Go-to market partnership with leading sustainable food brand Raging Pig

For its launch in the German market, Kynda has teamed up with the leading sustainable food brand ‘The Raging Pig’. With this collaboration - the first one of its kind - Kynda will reach consumers across Germany. Further partnerships with B2C companies in food service and gastronomy, and later this year in food retail, will follow.

“We are thrilled to showcase our mycelium-based products at Internorga in collaboration with The Raging Pig,” said Daniel MacGowan, CEO of Kynda. “We’re beyond happy to team up with such a like-minded and purpose-driven company. This partnership signifies a huge milestone in our journey to revolutionise the food industry by offering truly sustainable alternatives. Our mycelium-based ingredients offer a unique blend of taste, nutrition and environmental benefits to meet the growing demand for environmentally conscious options. And they’re readily available today, free from regulatory constraints.

The collaboration between Kynda and The Raging Pig underscores a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation. By integrating mycelium into traditional burger patty recipes, both companies aim to diminish reliance on animal agriculture and mitigate the environmental footprint associated with conventional meat production. With global demand for sustainable food alternatives on the rise, driven by concerns surrounding climate change, animal welfare, and health, mycelium-based products present a compelling solution. They offer consumers a guilt-free option that aligns with their values and preferences.

“Our focus has always been on taste and sustainability. With Kynda’s nutritious and allergen-free ingredients, we’re able to significantly lower our production costs and are finally able to compete with heavily subsidised meat producers”, said Dr. Arne Ewerbeck, Co-Founder of The Raging Pig Co. “By replacing highly processed raw-materials with Kynda’s fermentation solution, we are answering the call of many consumers for healthy meat alternatives.”

Taste testing at Internorga from March 8-12

Internorga, known as Europe’s premier trade show for food-service and hospitality, provides the perfect stage for Kynda to introduce its cutting-edge sustainable solutions to a global audience.

On March 08th and 11th at Internorga Hall B4.OG, Stand 100P, attendees will have the opportunity to experience Kynda’s mycelium-based burger patties firsthand and discover the future of sustainable dining. Taste-testing will allow visitors to explore the innovative potential of mycelium and learn more about Kynda’s commitment to creating a healthier planet using its own bioreactors and fermentation technology.

About Kynda:

Kynda is a German B2B biotech company specialising in upcycling agri-food by-products into high-protein and fiber-rich mycelium ingredients using its proprietary bioreactor technology. With its fermentation facility in Jelmstorf, Germany, Kynda is poised to scale production to 30,000L this year before establishing a decentralised fermentation network through partnerships with agri-food companies.

Notable investors in Kynda include VC firms such as FoodLabs, Sustainable Food Ventures, and Shio Capital, along with prominent angel investors Christoph Behn (Kartenmacherei), Anne and Stefan Lemcke (Ankerkraut), Andreas Kupke (, Dr. Stephen Weich (Flaschenpost) (all members of the angel club ‘better ventures’), and Gorillas founders Ugur Samut and Kağan Sümer, and former HSV footballer Dennis Aogo.

About The Raging Pig:

The Raging Pig Company is a Hamburg-based foodtech start-up specialising in the research and development of authentic pork alternatives, currently a plant-based bacon and several sausage alternatives, with the goal of removing 1.5 billion pigs from the global food system. In addition to authentic alternative products, the company emphasises attention-grabbing, modern brand communication with its finger on the pulse. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Raging Pig collaborates with partners like Kynda to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses alike.

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