Cellular agriculture startup Balletic Foods is designing protein for high performance athletes

September 21, 2021 - 2 min read

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA: Balletic Foods, an alternative protein startup based in California, announces plans to produce animal-free protein optimized for the sports nutrition market.

Balletic Foods uses a proprietary fermentation technology to produce its first product, Balletic Protein™. The output of the scalable process are pure proteins that are designed and engineered for high performance, ready to become the core building blocks for a variety of food and supplement applications.

“Highly optimized proteins will be the future of sports nutrition” explains Anita Broellochs, Founder and CEO of Balletic Foods. “We’re seeing a huge wave in alternative protein technology, but a lot of the products are not designed for health and muscle recovery.”

Cellular agriculture technology is making headwinds as the demand for protein worldwide rapidly increases. Protein plays an important role for individuals who are physically active as it can reduce muscle soreness and promote muscle repair. Balletic Foods has identified key opportunities to develop an efficient protein that is optimized for high performance activities and supports muscle protein synthesis.

In comparison to plant-based proteins, animal-based proteins traditionally have a high protein score, a measure of the protein quality found in foods, suggesting they are more usable by our body for general growth, maintenance, and repair. This is due to their high digestibility and complete essential amino acid profile. However, traditional methods of sourcing animal-based proteins are not sustainable. Balletic Foods is a mission driven organization committed to eliminating the exploitation of animals in the agricultural system.

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