Future Food Studio by Eat Just opens its doors in Shanghai

September 23, 2020 - 4 min read

The Future Food Studio by Eat Just opens its doors at Jing An Kerry Center South Piazza in Shanghai for a limited time this October 10-30th

Eat Just is excited to announce the opening of its first-ever Future Food Studio in China— the country’s first 100% plant-based culinary studio, featuring dishes made with JUST Egg, an entirely plant-based egg alternative that cooks and looks like conventional chicken eggs. At the Future Food Studio, you will learn how to cook delicious plant-based dishes without sacrificing flavor, nutrition and quality; getting us closer to the goal of halving our individual meat consumption by 2030.

Jing An Kerry Center South Piazza 1515 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai

October 10-30, 2020
Mon-Fri 8AM-10PM, Sat-Sun 10AM-10PM

The Future Food Studio by Eat Just is a new type of culinary studio where you can learn how to cook meat-free dishes together with our exciting roster of talented chefs, many of whom you’ll recognize from some of Shanghai’s favorite restaurants.

During the month of October, the Future Food Studio will feature talented chefs, fresh ingredients, user-friendly equipment, interactive technology and helpful staff that will assist you step-by-step along the way.

Eat Just is offering free classes for a limited number of spots for limited time only. The general public can apply for a class via the Future Food Studio WeChat Mini Program. The studio is also open for public visitation when culinary classes are not in session, and will offer free tastings including specialty weekday morning Jianbing giveaways that change flavor each week.

Eat Just is a company that applies cutting-edge science and technology to create healthier, more sustainable foods that millions of consumers can enjoy. Its 100% plant-based products include the original JUST Egg, which cooks, looks and tastes just like conventional egg. Ideal to replace dishes that use an egg mixture from stir-fried tomato and egg, pad thai and okonomiyaki, to crepes, pastries and omelets; and the convenient, pre-baked folded JUST Egg is perfect for breakfast sandwiches like Jianbing.

You can find JUST Egg products on JD.com and TMall by searching JUST Egg. For more information about Eat Just, visit www.ju.st.

About Our Culinary Collaborators

The program at the Future Food Studio will feature some of Shanghai’s most forward-thinking and innovative chefs including:

  • Brian Tan of Gourmet Library who is building an accessible platform for young local chefs to push their experimental boundaries.
  • Jaime Pea of Egg and Maiya who is pioneering new approaches to 100% plant-based cooking.
  • Jonathan He from Bird Wine + Kitchen who cooks only with seasonal and local ingredients.
  • Franciso Guissani and Evo Ni of the Center of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Culinary Arts and Services (CieCas) who are the chef consultants of the popular, newly-opened Duli—an upmarket 100% plant-based restaurant on Donghu Lu.
  • Yi-Wen of The Plant Forward LLAB who is one of China’s top educators in plant-forward cooking.
  • Chris Zhu who makes use of his skills as a surgeon in his culinary techniques.
  • Beichuan Yang who is a talented and young celebrity chef with the attention of people nation-wide on social media and appearances on Chef Nic’s show.
  • Andrew Moo who is a chef and DJ, champion of Shanghai’s first Jianbing competition, and will be creating unique flavors for the weekly JUST Egg Jianbing giveaway.

We want to make it easy and fun to cook healthy plant-based food! It is also the number one thing we can do for the planet. We see this reflected in the changing Chinese eating habits, which are quickly growing towards a plant-based trend.

  • In 2016, the Chinese government released new dietary guidelines recommending that personal meat consumption be reduced with the aim of an overall reduction of 50% by 2030.[The Guardian June 2016]
  • In a 2018 survey conducted by the New Zealand Institute of Plant and Food Research, 2000 respondents, mainly from tier-one Chinese cities, reported that they were eating less pork and poultry. On a net basis, 13.8% reported eating less pork and 6.4% percent were eating less poultry. There was also a rising net 12.5% in plant-based meats and soy product consumption. [China Briefing, August 2019]

In response to this and recent health concerns post-COVID, China’s food industry is rapidly introducing plant-based innovations. The Future Food Studio aims to connect and inspire the community to embrace this positive change.

Press Inquiries
Please contact Michelle Wan at michelle@socialsupplyshanghai.com for press inquiries and special requests.

For a list of classes and times, visit the Future Food Studio WeChat Mini Program.

*Free Jianbing giveaways will be offered from 8AM-10AM every Mon-Fri, while supplies last.

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