GoodMills Innovation highlights increasing demand for plant-based solutions at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt

December 4, 2023 - 3 min read

GoodMills Innovation highlights increasing demand for plant-based solutions at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt

Awareness of plant-based texturates is growing in line with continued consumer interest in meat and fish alternatives

Frankfurt, 4th December 2023 – GoodMills Innovation’s presentation at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt successfully highlighted the increasing interest in plant-based texturates, mirroring a broader industry trend. Their exhibit attracted a diverse audience from various sectors, all showing keen interest in discussing plant-based solutions with the experts from GoodMills Innovation.

Broad range of products capturing market interest

Katharina Haack, Head of Marketing Communications at GoodMills Innovation, emphasized the positive response to their product range. “Our VITATEX® texturate solutions stood out at FiE, reflecting the industry’s growing demand for innovative and versatile plant-based ingredients,” she said. “This reaffirms our belief that we are on the right track with our mission to produce nourishing and natural products for tasty food that supports a better, plant-based future."

While the texturates stole the limelight, reflecting the current industry trend towards plant-based solutions, GoodMills Innovation’s entire product range was also well-received by visitors. Attendees from from various industries engaged in discussions with GoodMills Innovation’s experts, underlining the widespread appeal of their offerings.

Showcasing a spectrum of plant-based ingredients

In addition to the highly sought-after VITATEX® texturates, GoodMills Innovation showcased a range of other innovative products at FiE. These included functional SMART® legume flours, ideal for protein enrichment and texture improvement, as well as the Slow Milling® range, offering natural ingredients for premium artisanal baked goods. A key highlight was Ferment’tic®, a natural baking agent that enhances the aroma of bread and rolls. SpermidineEvo®, a high-spermidine wheat germ concentrate for nutraceutical applications, was also featured.

These diverse product lines reflect GoodMills Innovation’s strong commitment to plant-based and natural ingredients. The company is well-prepared for a future where demand for natural and authentic solutions is expected to rise. As a milling company with decades of expertise and deep raw material knowledge, GoodMills Innovation is in an ideal position to offer innovative and sustainable products. The company thus acknowledges its responsibility in contributing to the development of natural food alternatives and actively shaping the future of the food industry.

About GoodMills Innovation

GmbH GoodMills Innovation develops clean-label ingredients based on cereals and pulses for versatile applications in the food, baking, snack and nutraceutical industries, as well as artisanal bakeries. The aim is always to combine maximum enjoyment with one or more additional benefits: consumer health (selected dietary fibres and an improved Nutri-Score), a future-proof planet (meat substitutes) or more economical production (by actively exploiting potential savings).

Continuously on the lookout for innovative raw materials and technologies, the company is always guided by four leitmotifs: GOOD NUTRITION encompasses the portfolio of health-promoting ingredients, GOOD DECISION includes sustainable solutions for the plant-based market, GOOD TASTE incorporates ingredients that improve the sensory profile of foods, and GOOD VALUE focuses on cost-efficient solutions — without compromising on quality or taste.

With its know-how throughout the entire value chain from raw material sourcing and processing to understanding the needs of markets and consumers, the cereal expert supports its customers with innovative product concepts, tailor-made solutions and expert advice on applications, food law and marketing issues. As part of the GoodMills Group, Europe’s largest milling organisation, GoodMills Innovation stands for the highest quality, (supply) security, sustainability and innovation.

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