Improved Nature Announces New Products Through Exclusive Partnership with RMS Foods

October 24, 2023 - 3 min read

GARNER, NC – Oct. 24, 2023 – Improved Nature® LLC, a plant-based protein company, is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with RMS Foods Inc. to provide Improved Nature’s new plant-based products at a value price for private label brands. Improved Nature is now the exclusive supplier for all private label plant-based protein products made at RMS Foods.

Through the partnership with RMS Foods, Improved Nature is introducing its new heat and serve meals for food service and retail brands. The heat and serve meals include a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes such as Beefless Korean Bulgogi, Beefless Steak Tips, Plant-based Sausage Patties and Links, Plant-based Nuggets and Falafel.

RMS Foods, a leading food manufacturer, will pair Improved Nature’s proprietary plant-based technology with its extensive experience in manufacturing plant-based products to produce endless possibilities for the plant-based alternative meat market. Now, private label food companies will have the opportunity to white label Improved Nature’s innovative plant-based protein products as their own.

“We believe it all starts with the right texture and taste. Consumers prefer the same texture and eating characteristics of meat and we deliver that with simple plant proteins and no added ingredients,” said Improved Nature CEO Dr. Rody Hawkins. “In collaboration with RMS Foods, we will exceed the market’s needs with our cost-effective, nutritious plant-based protein. Together, we can efficiently produce your plant-based products.”

Plant-based protein is one of the food industry’s fastest growing trends. According to new data released by the Good Food Institute (GFI) and the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), in US retail alone, plant-based foods are an $8 billion market, proving it to be a robust revenue opportunity for businesses to tap into.

“At RMS Foods, we have been focused on producing quality plant-based products for 23 years,” said RMS Foods President and CEO Sam D. Cobb. “Our manufacturing efficiency was not available to the general market until now. With the Improved Nature process, paired with our experience and capabilities, we will be able to provide highly cost-effective plant-based protein products that are sure to please both businesses and consumers across the nation.”

Improved Nature will be showcasing the new products at PLMA’s Private Label Trade Show Nov. 12-14 in Chicago. The company invites all attendees to stop by booth F2015 during the show to taste the difference. For more information about Improved Nature, visit

About Improved Nature

Improved Nature’s plant-based proteins are the cleanest and most versatile plant-powered products on the market. The company’s plant-based protein products are made from only one ingredient that provides complete protein. The products deliver meat-like texture and neutral flavor which allows for unlimited menu possibilities. Improved Nature is on a mission to feed the growing population with better protein. To learn more, visit

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