Improved Nature Launches Program to Deliver 15 Million Plant-Based Meals a Week in Indonesia

December 6, 2023 - 3 min read

Improved Nature Launches Program to Deliver 15 Million Plant-Based Meals a Week in Indonesia

GARNER, NCImproved Nature® LLC, a leading plant-based protein company, has entered into a joint venture with Nutricell, a Singapore-based health and nutrition company, to tackle food insecurity in Indonesia. The partnership was announced at Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia in Singapore where Improved Nature President and CEO Dr. Rody Hawkins presented strategies to feed global populations with high-quality plant-based protein. During the event, Improved Nature and Nutricell company leaders also met with large corporations and industry leaders to discuss this joint mission in-depth.

More than 15 million school-aged children in Indonesia are facing food insecurity. According to the World Food Programme, nearly 31% of children under age five are experiencing stunted growth because they lack necessary dietary requirements. Because of its high protein content, it will only take 7 grams of Improved Nature’s PRIME product per student each week to supplement their diets.

“Improved Nature is uniquely qualified to meet this challenge and deliver the nutrition needed because of our high-protein, long shelf-life, easily prepared and nutritious PRIME products,” said Dr. Rody Hawkins. “In 2015, we set out on a mission to feed the planet with a better protein. This joint venture perfectly aligns with our company’s mission to provide affordable, high-quality plant-based protein to those in need.”

This initiative will leverage the distribution networks of both the National Food Board and private sector entities to ensure efficient and widespread delivery of these essential meals.

Nutricell CEO Eddy Sunanto said, “I would like to express my profound gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Improved Nature, a renowned leader in shelf-stable meat and food technologies. Improved Nature’s unique value proposition, characterized by its singular ingredient composition, presents a significant advantage in terms of ingredient sourcing. The company’s Nature’s PRIME products not only ensure exceptional nutrition and texture but also offers the flexibility to create diverse tastes, flavors, and savory profiles, aligning perfectly with the rich and varied culinary culture of Asia, which is well known for its extensive use of spices and intricate recipes.”

Improved Nature’s products offer a complete protein that delivers more potassium, dietary fiber, calcium, and iron than its animal-based counterparts. The company turns sustainably sourced, non-GMO soy protein into flavor-ready products that replicate the texture of meat with advanced natural nutrition and a clean ingredient label.

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Improved Nature’s plant-based proteins are the cleanest and most versatile plant-powered products on the market. The company’s plant-based protein products are made from only one ingredient that provides complete protein. The products deliver meat-like texture and neutral flavor which allows for unlimited menu possibilities. Improved Nature is on a mission to feed the growing population with better protein. To learn more, visit

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Nutricell, a Singapore-based health and nutrition company, is renowned for its innovative approach in the development and distribution of nutritional products and supplements. Operating from the heart of Southeast Asia, Nutricell focuses on combating dietary challenges and enhancing public wellness. Their diverse product range includes dietary supplements and fortified foods, specifically designed to cater to varying health needs across age groups. Learn more about their mission and products at

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