New Zealand’s Nutrition from Water showcases nutrition applications with MISTA Foods partnership after winning Cargill Nutrition for Tomorrow Award 2024

May 31, 2024 - 2 min read

Cargill Nutrition for Tomorrow Award Cargill Nutrition for Tomorrow Award

San Francisco - Nutrition from Water™ (NXW), a leading New Zealand and Indie Bio-backed nutrition company developing natural nutrition from pristine waters, is joining MISTA as a startup member. MISTA is a San Francisco-based open innovation food technology ecosystem with numerous multinational members including Givaudan, Buhler, Danone, Conagra, Ingredion, SIG, and others. Startups that have recently scaled through the MISTA ecosystem include NotCo, Geltor, and Yali Bio. The MISTA partnership comes off the back of NXW winning Cargill’s Nutrition for Tomorrow Award 2024 in Singapore at Future Food Asia in May 2024.

Announcing the launch of NXW’s first product samples into the USA, Marine Whey™, there will be an invitation-only applications session held at MISTA Foods 2pm PST on Friday, 14 June 2024. The NXW team will be sampling Marine Whey™ solutions designed for affordable, everyday nutrition applications. Companies or investors with a mandate for nutrition impact and scalable climate technologies are welcome to register for the event at

NXW CEO Toby Lane explains, “Alongside our current headquarters at IndieBio SF in dogpatch, we’re excited to be joining MISTA Foods to showcase our affordable, high quality, and complete nutrition designed in New Zealand. We’re working with global partners in coalition to manufacture non-GMO nutrition from water that doesn’t compromise on deliciousness, function, and price. We’re finalizing our Marine Whey™ prototypes and planning to supply many tonnes over the coming year to prioritized coalition partners, and we’re having fun with the MISTA ecosystem testing various applications. Our Marine Whey™ behaves and functions just like high-quality dairy whey, with a much smaller environmental footprint and a price point at scale that allows us to feed millions of growing families across Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. We’re eager to collaborate under the MISTA umbrella, testing and learning in partnership with experts worldwide.”

For more information on NXW’s portfolio of applications and nutrition without compromise, please visit To register for the invite-only applications sampling event at MISTA Foods on Friday, 14 June 2024 please email

About NXW

Nutrition from Water™ (NXW), previously known as NewFish, is an IndieBio/SOSV-backed biotechnology venture developing sustainable nutrition from pristine waters. The New Zealand company’s first product range is Marine Whey™. NXW is backed by leading athletes including Olympian sailor, Peter Burling, and is currently building a global coalition of nutrition, dairy and ingredients companies to collectively build a global nutrition category focused on affordable nutrition and solving the growing nutrition gap.

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