NewFish rebrands as Nutrition from Water (NXW) building global nutrition category, Olympian sailor invests

May 8, 2024 - 3 min read

Nutrition from Water™ (NXW) is commercializing next generation nutrition from water solutions. Nutrition from Water™ (NXW) is commercializing next generation nutrition from water solutions.

New Zealand, 8 May 2024 - NewFish, a biotechnology venture developing natural nutrition from pristine water for everyday and sports nutrition industries, rebrands to Nutrition from Water™ (NXW). The SOSV-backed startup is building a global coalition of nutritionists, chefs, innovators, sports ambassadors, and multinational partners to grow a planet-first food ingredients category.

The rebrand is followed by the announcement that leading New Zealand Olympian and SailGP professional sailor, Pete Burling, invests in the IndieBio Batch 15 startup as it prepares for multi-market growth.

NXW founder, Alex Worker, explains the company’s category strategy, “We started our company as NewFish to reimagine what is possible researching and designing natural nutrition from our pristine waters around Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean. Through our partnership with Cawthron Institute, we realized there is an enormous opportunity to feed 2 billion more people on this planet by fermenting microscopic organisms like algae. There is a whole new nutrition category to build here, not just a series of functional, nutritious products like Marine Whey™. It all can be produced utilizing non-extractive marine science - meaning we feed more people while preserving natural biodiversity in our marine and living water ecosystems”.

NXW CEO, Toby Lane expands “our rebrand to Nutrition from Water marks an exciting chapter as we build a new global nutrition category in partnership with some of the world’s leading dairy, health and nutrition companies. Already we have some of the largest dairy and nutrition companies believing in the potential of our water-based nutrition category, and it’s encouraging to have leading athletes -and leading chefs like Vaughan Mabee - helping test and validate our applications. Our first product range, Marine Whey™, delivers on a world-class taste and nutrition experience. We are excited to work with some of the very best in the game to build this global category together and ultimately help feed billions better nutrition”.

New NXW investor, Olympic gold medalist, leading SailGP sailor and co-founder of Live Ocean charity, Pete Burling, explains his recent investment, “I realized through co-founding Live Ocean, a marine conservation charity, that we’ve a chance to use our platform of sport to drive the ocean health message. It’s never been more apparent – the ocean is changing fast, and it won’t wait. It’s at a tipping point. We can’t look the next generation in the eye and say we didn’t try. My investment in NXW blends my love for the ocean with a globally focused, Kiwi-originated biotechnology platform that offers superior nutrition for athletes as well as every day, affordable needs. The nutrition and taste profile behind NXW’s technology has amazing potential, and we can feed millions of people without costing our earth, oceans and natural biodiversity. I’m excited for the opportunity to help NXW grow and back their nutrition platform”.

NXW is producing Marine Whey™ for a variety of needs including sports, medical, aged and affordable nutrition categories. The company is backed by some of the world’s leading biotechnology investors including accelerator IndieBio in San Francisco, Katapult Ocean from Norway, and SOSV fund that operates globally between the USA and Ireland. NXW has offices in Auckland and San Francisco today and is working in a global coalition to bring Marine Whey™ to market over the next 12 months.

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