Orbillion's big Davos announcement: their cultured meat products will achieve price parity by 2026

May 25, 2022 - 4 min read

Orbillion founding team, Nov 2021. Orbillion founding team, Nov 2021.

(San Francisco, California) - Orbillion’s cell-cultured meats will reach price parity in 2026, and commodity pricing for beef in 2030. The recent announcement comes just days before CEO and Co-Founder, Patricia Bubner, PhD, will present in Davos, Switzerland, where the World Economic Forum (WEF) is holding its annual meeting. Bubner will share how they plan to democratize access to delicious and healthful cell-cultured meat to help address food insecurity.

Orbillion splashed on the scene with their first public tasting in which they showcased 3 different delicious meats (pre-regulatory approval). The real kicker? It was after only four months of development, proving that the team at Orbillion has the requisite technical expertise and can move fast, in fact 18x faster and 10x cheaper than other cell-cultured meat companies.

Since graduating from the esteemed accelerator YCombinator in 2021, Orbillion has continued to expand its leadership team and advisory board. Most recently Orbillion welcomed Greg Hiller, a globally recognized industry leader in cell culture and bioprocessing innovation, as an Advisor.

“I’m very excited to join the Orbillion team as an Advisor to help push the frontier of what’s possible for cultured meat. I’m hopeful that my skill set of innovative process development methods will further facilitate the development of a highly intensified cell culture process that will make cultured meat scalable, and as a result, accessible to all,” shared Hiller.

To date the Orbillion team has raised $9.5 million to blend breakthrough science, heritage breeds, and culinary artistry; their first product will be cell-cultured, Japanese bred, Wagyu beef.

“I believe that the future of food will involve making delicious food more sustainable and more accessible. The Orbillion team of culinary innovators has the technical chops to deliver on the promise of cell-cultured meat, and to create high-quality products that eaters will love.” said Orbillion Investor and Instacart CEO, Fidji Simo.

As Orbillion turns its sights to launching a product in the market, pending regulatory approvals, access is top of mind. With food prices and food security straining under geopolitical issues and a changing climate, consumers and farmers will only continue to bear the burden. Given the urgency and scale of these issues, Orbillion believes all solutions must be on the table.

“We are advocates of a wide range of solutions that can help make our food system more sustainable, nutritious, and reliable, and we see cell-cultured meat and alt proteins as an important "and" solution to regenerative agriculture. We all must work together,” said Bubner. “Realizing the potential of cell-cultured meat means making it accessible. We know from extensive consumer and foodservice research around the globe, that price is key to making that happen. I’m so proud of the team that in less than one year, we’ve reduced the cost of production by 98%. Very eager for what’s ahead.”

Bubner and her Co-Founders, Samet Yildirim, MSc, MBS, and Gabriel Levesque-Tremblay, PhD, were invited to present in Davos during this year’s WEF annual meeting. Bubner will speak at the Green Accelerator event and Orbillion will attend several other events with government officials and industry leaders, to discuss how cell-cultured meat can support food independence.

About Orbillion:
Orbillion Bio will be the first company to bring cell-cultured beef to market. By producing delicious, healthful, safe meat without raising animals, Orbillion will replace factory farmed beef with an alternative meat eaters will love. They developed key technologies to scale cultured meat up — developing four different flavorful meats 18x faster and 10x cheaper than competitors. At their pre-regulatory approval tasting event, food experts praised the flavor and texture of their first products (video). Orbillion technology requires significantly less land and water resources, making high quality protein production more resilient to the effects of a changing climate. Getting there means bringing consumers on board, that’s why they’re forging a clear path to cost reduction and will be among the first companies to file for US regulatory approval. Orbillion founders, Patricia Bubner, PhD, Samet Yildirim, MSc, MBS and Gabriel Levesque-Tremblay, PhD, bring more than 30 years of proven experience in business, product, bioprocessing and biopharma to producing sustainable, high-quality meat anywhere in the world.

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