Powering Global Dishes in Shanghai with Peanut-Based Chicken

April 12, 2021 - 2 min read

Shanghai, 12 April 2021: Starting from this month, partnerships between Haofood, a startup creating peanut protein-based alternative chicken, and five restaurants in Shanghai offering authentic dishes from cultures around the globe unites tradition and modern technology to bring customers a unique culinary experience.

“We want to unite the past, present, and future,” says Haofood’s CEO, Astrid Prajogo. “The past being traditional menus by dedicated chefs, the future being plant-based meat, and the present being customers' experiences today.” The five restaurants using Haofood’s products to revitalise their cultures’ dishes are Green Friday (Xujiahui Station), Topolino (Changping Rd Station), STYX (Hengshan Rd Station), Wrap and Roll (Jiangsu Rd Station), and The Pawon (Yili Rd Station).

Each of Haofood’s partners brings something unique to the table. Wrap and Roll turns Haofood’s chicken into practical, tasty, and healthy food which can be incorporated into everyday life such as mini burger, wrap and bowl. Green Friday, specialising in plant-based dishes, marries popular Chinese dishes la zi ji and gong bao ji ding with peanut-based chicken made using Haofood’s products. The Pawon presents authentic Indonesian chicken dishes sate ayam, ayam rendang, and dabu-dabu grilled chicken. STYX brings to life memories of travelling through Southeast Asia with dishes from their street food scene such as chicken satay, chicken curry rice, chicken bites, and fusion tacos. Meanwhile, Topolino offers a variety of authentic Sicilan comfort foods from pizza and pasta to salads and paninis.

Prajogo describes one of Haofood’s aims in working with these restaurants as being part of their mission to make eating good food forever possible. “We all know eating meat is less sustainable, but it’s an important part of so many traditional menus,” she explains. “So plant-based meat is one one of the ways to preserve this, because we can continue our culinary heritage but also respect the Earth.”

About Haofood
Haofood is a food science and technology startup that is making plant-based chicken, and is pioneering the usage of peanut protein as a key ingredient in plant-based meat. Based in Shanghai, Haofood was founded in 2020. With their own proprietary extrusion technology and formulation, Haofood’s chicken is safe, tasty, and nutritious.

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