Synonym Launches Scaler, first-of-its-kind techno-economic analysis solution

June 28, 2023 - 2 min read

Introducing Scaler: techno-economic analysis for fermentation Introducing Scaler: techno-economic analysis for fermentation

NEW YORK, New York, June 27, 2023—Synonym, a New York-based developer of biomanufacturing infrastructure, today publicly launched ScalerTM, the first fully interactive, free, online tool enabling synthetic biology companies to project their costs of production and operations at commercial scale. 

With a straightforward, dynamic interface, Scaler allows any company developing a bioproduct via fermentation to overcome one of the most pressing challenges it faces: building and operating profitably at commercial scale. After inputting just a few production variables, users instantly receive a customized techno-economic analysis (TEA) with insights into:

  • Projecting costs (CapEx, OpEx) to build and operate a facility at scale.
  • Identifying a bioproduct’s biggest profitability drivers.
  • Understanding levers of commercial adoption.

At launch, Scaler is free to use and its model is updated often to reflect changes to operating and capital costs. With Scaler’s release, companies will be able to find reliable, market-vetted data that can jumpstart their capacity plans versus relying on a patchwork of expensive, often unreliable data sources. 

“When we launched Synonym, it seemed obvious that the demand for accessible biomanufacturing capacity far outstrips the supply,” said Synonym’s co-founder and CEO Edward Shenderovich, “We need more capacity, but we also need to get it done right. The data- and software-first approach of Synonym’s Scaler, offers a framework for the industry to see biomanufacturing infrastructure as the transformational asset class it is.”

Scaler has already garnered praise from early adopters, including founders of prominent synthetic biology companies and industry experts, who emphasize its value in providing key insights into unit economics as they scale.

The tool complements, the most comprehensive, free directory of global fermentation capacity that Synonym launched last fall. Together, Capacitor and Scaler provide the synthetic biology ecosystem with a powerful, accessible suite of tools to guide companies along their biomanufacturing scale up journey.

To start utilizing or to learn more about Scaler, please visit

About Synonym

Based in New York City, Synonym ( designs, develops, finances and manages productized biomanufacturing facilities to advance the global bioeconomy. Synonym has built a set of design and engineering standards that allow for more efficient facility construction and operations, the digital infrastructure to make biomanufacturing capacity more accessible and affordable, and an underwriting framework to ensure optimal capital deployment. Synonym's solutions allow the companies behind next-generation products to expand and scale seamlessly with the most efficient financing and development mechanisms in the market. 

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