• Along with the recent bridge funding, Bond Pet Foods is claiming to have created the world’s first animal-free, cultured chicken meat protein for pet food applications. Using what it says is proprietary technology, the startup takes a harmless, one-time blood sample — in this case, from a heritage hen named Inga who is alive and well at a farm in Lindsborg, Kansas — to determine the genetic code for the best types of chicken proteins to nourish dogs and cats.

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  • Would you feel better tucking into a juicy steak knowing that the cow it comes from is still happily living out its life in a field somewhere? Biotechnology could make that possible. Manuela Saragosa hears from Shannon Falconer at pet food maker Because Animals, who grows real meat in a lab. Jon McIntyre at Motif FoodWorks explains how new technology has made his plant-based products tastier. We also hear from Tony Seba at the think tank, Rethink X. He believes we'll be designing food like software in the future.

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  • Bond Pet Foods has developed the world’s first animal-free chicken protein for dog and cat nutrition using precision fermentation. “The successful chicken prototype is a demonstration of our technology’s potential to create a complete portfolio of animal proteins for pet consumption, and beyond,” said Bond Co-Founder and CTO Pernilla Turner Audibert. The Colorado-based company has also closed a bridge round of funding with follow-on from seed investors Lever VC and KBW Ventures, and new funds Stage 1 Fund and Trellis Road participating. Its first chicken-based products will debut in 2023.
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  • In bioreactors around the world, animal cells are proliferating, on their way to becoming meat and seafood that we might someday consume without killing any animals.

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  • Pet food might be the underdog of lab-grown meat, but Bond Pet Foods and Because Animals say the chances of scientific success and consumer acceptance increase when the stakes are lowered. Rich Kelleman’s path to animal-free pet food started at Burger King, of all places.

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