Oxford Economics researchers looked at the economic contribution to the UK based on solely domestic consumer spending on cultivated meat in the year 2030 and found:

  • The industry itself will be worth up to £1.7bn by 2030 in the UK – and will support a total GVA contribution to UK GDP of up to £2.1bn once the UK supply chain is factored in
  • The cultivated meat industry will have a ‘GDP multiplier’ of x3.7 in 2030 – for every £1m of GVA created by the industry, a further £2.7m is expected to be supported elsewhere in the UK economy that year
  • The British cultivated meat industry could support up to 16,500 jobs across the UK in 2030 – up to 8,300 workers (50%) employed directly by the cultivated meat industry and the rest in the supply chain
  • The cultivated meat sector would account for roughly 12% of consumer demand for meat in 2030
  • The industry will have an ‘employment multiplier’ of x2 in 2030 – for every 100 jobs in the industry, a further 100 will likely be supported elsewhere in the UK economy
  • The UK risks losing out to countries such as US, Singapore and Israel, who are proactively supporting this new industry

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