Sustainable Plant Based Protein & Fermentation Solutions EU

Sep 28-29, 2022
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Sustainable Plant Based Protein & Fermentation Solutions EU

Promising proteins from fava beans, mycelium, sunflower to algae - Taste, texturisation & supply challenges

Shift towards plant-based & meat alternatives protein continues to play a major role in human nutrition. 

A wider variety by alternative proteins, new ingredients and production methods are constantly developed  to mimic the taste, texture and consistency.     

While most meat substitutes still are based on soy or wheat gluten protein, new meat analogues are emerging as well with alternative proteins, binders, flavor enhancers, and natural colors.

With new and fast changes coming up by the industry to address tastes, texture & price, the plant based meat alternative market is expected to remain bullish throughout 2022-2023 led by growth in private labels, start ups and food service industry.

Can sunflower protein join the next plant-based protein major league ?

Sunflower protein contains all of the essential amino acids, neutral flavor and color that makes their properties ideal as food ingredient in many applications.

Will we see a ramping up of mycelium based meat ? Fungi fueled start ups and investors that are blazing the trail in this alternative meat believes that mycelium which is the fibrous root structure of mushrooms could be the next big thing as they are cost competitive and easy to grow and is not produced by a genetically engineered microbe, but instead something we already know and eat.

Extrusion technology remains the most extensively used method for plant-based material. Conventional extrusion process has limitations in terms of the size of the “meat” and also the water and fat content. Also the process, utilizes high heat and pressure to texturize vegetable protein, therefore adding on flavours to the product can only be done after the texturizing process which then makes the centre of the product plain tasting.

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