• Seaweed is the collective noun for a group of at least 10,000 species of macroalgae, and new species are being discovered each year. Although seaweeds have been consumed for millennia, they’re increasingly (and rightly) viewed as a hero ingredient. With only half a dozen species cultivated at scale right now, seaweed’s potential for the alt-protein industry is only just starting to unfold.
  • Every now and again a young person comes along whose intellect and wisdom seem to defy their age. Over the past year, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with one such individual. If you haven’t yet heard of her, you probably soon will. Meet cellular agriculture’s rising star, Avery Parkinson.
  • Much attention has been given to the innovators producing plant- and cell-based alternatives to traditionally animal-based foods, but less recognized are the ones developing serums and mixes in which those proteins can grow. Some of the most creative are using ancient and simple components—including algae and mycelia—to make the foundations for animal protein alternatives.
  • Japan is forging a unique development path for cellular agriculture — one in which no one is left behind and anyone interested can get involved in helping create an open, inclusive future for the technology. This is the story of the Shojinmeat Project and how a citizen science experiment came to have big impact on national policy.
  • Brave New Meat podcast host Doug Grant talks with Michael Aucoin, CEO of alternative protein investment firm Eat Beyond Global Holdings. As a publicly traded stock on the Canadian Securities Exchange, Eat Beyond (CSE: EATS) is currently one of the only options available offering retail investors early exposure to emerging alt protein startups and technologies.


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