• Oliver Zahn began his professional career studying the stars. The founder of Climax Foods, a startup that’s using data science to replace animal proteins with plant-based substitutes, spent years at the University of California at Berkeley with his eyes fixed firmly toward the heavens before taking up with Pat Brown and Impossible Foods as the company’s leading data scientist. That experience focused Zahn on more terrestrial concerns and undoubtedly led the founder down the path to launching Climax Foods.

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  • By optimizing culture media ingredients specifically for cultivated meat production, and by producing those ingredients at scale, costs may be reduced to as little as $0.24 per liter. This would enable cell-cultured meat produced in bioreactors to reach prices competitive with their animal-based counterparts. But investment and demand needed to reach those economies of scale remain a constraint on lowering cultivated meat production costs.
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  • While last week’s episode involved complicated VR camera rigs, this week’s episode covers how Johnson and his team used off-the-shelf technology and internet-enabled hidden cameras to capture the footage. We explore what this means for the future of surveillance, and the concept of sousveillance—using the same technology to surveil powerful entities instead of the other way around.

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  • MeaTech Ltd. the Israeli startup that is developing technology for bioprinting meat using stem cells announced on Monday that it had reached a substantial product milestone. The company said its scientists had successfully printed a layer of meat combining both muscle and fat cells that successfully fused. MeaTech added that reaching the strategic milestone ahead of its pre-set schedule means they are well on their way to hit the next milestone, which is printing a 100-gram (quarter pound) steak, without harming any animals.

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  • Fork and Goode is a Brooklyn-based cultivated meat company developing large-scale cell culture systems for growing pork. This patent application, filed in August 2018, describes Fork and Goode’s novel bioreactor system aimed at providing a cheaper alternative to animal-derived serums and recombinant growth factors.

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  • A key challenge for producing cultivated meat is that kilograms of biomass must be efficiently created from just a few cells removed from a live animal as a biopsy or initiated from a cell line. The process used to produce massive quantities of cells is typically carried out in a specialized tank called a bioreactor – the same technology used to grow the specialized cells that produce many types of biologic drugs.

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